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Do You Take Personal Responsibility for Your Health?

It’s hard to believe it’s Christmas season and only two weeks away!  It has been a unforgettable year, and this Christmas will be no different.  I am determined to still make this the best Christmas every despite everything going on in the world!  While I don’t miss all the sweets and over eating at Christmas parties, I do miss the social interaction with friends and loved ones.  Friends, family, relationships, and community are all such an important aspect of overall health and wellbeing, and it is something we are all lacking at this time.

While that part of life seems out of my control at the moment, I am choosing to focus on what I can control in my life.  That includes my personal health, my relationship with my kids, my home environment, my mental health, my fitness and personal growth and development.

In fact, what I want to talk about today is personal responsibility.  It is an important aspect of life that needs to be taken seriously.  It is SO much easier to blame someone else than to take personal responsibility.  And this goes for all areas of life.  Your health, your finances, your relationships, and every aspect of your life!  Trust me, I have been there when aspects of my life are less then excellent, and I blame people and circumstances for my hardships.  I took me a while to realize that was taking the easy way out by using blame instead of looking at myself.

I think now more than ever it is such an important topic.  We must take responsibility for our health, our families health, our financial security, and our mental health and wellbeing.

I have been pretty quite since Covid started, as I know it can be a heated topic for many.  Even within my family there are lots differing opinions.  I respect that everyone has their own feelings and views on things, and everyone also has their own unique situation as well.  I know not everyone will agree with my perspective either.  I simply want to share my knowledge on health and wellbeing.  I want everyone to be able to take responsibility for their health, their families health, and make informed decisions on what works best for them.

I will be starting more frequent communications sharing what I know.  Some of the topics I will be talking about in the upcoming months are; essentials of detox and detox strategies, healthy home environments, weight loss strategies, natural remedies, building an immune system, stress reduction, and the importance of sleep.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you, and I hope you stick around to learn more!  It is essential that we are proactive in supercharging our health and well being, and caring for, and helping our children.  They are our future, and they deserve to have optimal health and wellbeing so they can develop their full potential.