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Healthy Body – Brilliant Mind – Vibrant Spirit

I am so very grateful to offer one-on-one Personal Consultation and Nutritional Analysis to help you create a holistic healthy lifestyle that meets your specific needs and timelines.

In these wellness sessions you will receive a nutritional analysis and a one hour personal phone consultation where you will discover what foods to add into your diet to get your body back into balance and improve you wellbeing. You will learn what vitamins and minerals are best suited to your specific needs, and what superfoods you can eat to nourish your body to feel more energized and vibrant.

In addition to these Lifestyle Consultations I offer a variety of  Meal Planning Made Easy Plans and Mentoring Programs to assist clients who wish to have a friendly voice and an accountability buddy to help them achieve and sustain their holistic healthy lifestyle goals.


Holistic Health Lifestyle Choices Made Easy

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