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Nourish Your Immunity

I hope this finds you happy and healthy and looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holidays that are almost upon us!

I want to talk about achieving optimum health and immunity.  What is optimal health and how do you achieve this?  Well, its starts with developing a powerful and resilient immune system.  And to do this is not a quick fix or single thing you can do, or food to eat.  Rather it is a multi-faceted and whole lifestyle approach that often takes time to achieve and involves many lifestyle strategies including detoxification, superfoods, gut health, stress reduction, and healthy lifestyle choices.

1. The most obvious is your food choices that you make on a daily basis.  It is SO important to choose organic foods and avoid all the chemicals in modern food.  It is taxing on your body and organs, and builds up over time having a cumulative effect and makes it harder and harder for your body and immune system to function properly, let alone optimally.  Not only is it important to keep these toxin out of your body, you need the proper nutrients for your body to function at it’s best.  With conventional farming methods, it is getting increasingly harder to receive all the nutrients we need.  While food is the best way we get most of what we need, certain supplements are also important to fill in the gaps.  Iodine, Vitamin D, and EFA’s the most important supplements to supercharge your health.

2.  Our bodies are designed to move and be active on a regular basis.  Daily exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy mind and body.  This doesn’t mean you have to partake in a gruelling workout at the gym.  Ideally, only exercising yourself to 80% is best.  Pushing yourself too hard is stressful on your body, and doesn’t make it very enticing to stick with a regular exercise routine.  Exercise should feel good and leave you energized, not depleted and feeling like you want to hit the couch for the rest of the day.

3.  Speaking of exercise, this leads to mental health and maintaining a positive mental attitude and outlook on life.  We want to keep as many toxins out of the body as possible, and this includes toxic negative thoughts as well.  Your thoughts and metal attitude have a much greater effect on your whole body than we realize, and now more than ever it is critical to maintain a positive, healthy mind.  Uplift your mood by spending time with family, call a friend, read, watch inspiring and educational videos, do some personal growth work and set some goals.

4.  One of the best ways to uplift your mood, and supercharge your health, is to get out in the sunshine and fresh air.  I know for me, it has an immediate affect on how I feel.  I know the short and cold winter days make it more challenging to do, but even a short afternoon walk in the sunshine can change your day!  Whenever possible, I like to sit in the sunshine through my window and soak in the warmth of the sun.

5.  And last but certainly not least is to reduce the stress in your life.  Chronic stress is one of the most harmful things to your health.  It shuts down your digestion, suppresses your immunity, can make you gain weight, and is related to almost every health ailment known.  It is something that is not taken seriously enough, and has somehow become normal in day to day life.  I know for me, it kind of snuck up on me over the years with one life event after the other adding to the stresses in my life when I finally stopped and realized I am chronically stressed.  And have been for years.  And your brain almost becomes addicted to it and subconsciously you will create situations that will create that stress in your life.  It is a terrible pattern to be in and takes conscious awareness to change this.  All the above points will help enormously with reducing stress.  Meditation, rest and rejuvenation, proper sleep, and spending time with positive, uplifting people are all great ways to make life more calm and joyful.

There is so much more depth to get into on how to supercharge your immunity, but these points are basis ways you can lay the groundwork to building a healthy immune system and support your body to maintain it’s homeostasis and keep you healthy!

Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas season!  Make the best of it and connect with loved ones in whatever way you can.  Family, friends, and loving connections are powerful ways to increase your health and wellbeing.