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Lunch and Learn

From mom’s groups, women’s networking events to corporate lunch and learns I have a variety of  talks and events to inspire Healthy Lifestyle Choices Made Easy.

Learn about the power of nutrition and how you can use it to increase your energy, boost your immune system, and improve your mood and vitality.

In my Lunch and Learn Sessions you will learn about the importance of nutrition and why now more than ever it is so important that you properly nourish your body. Learn about superfoods, why they are essential to your health, and my top 10 favourites to incorporate into your daily diet. Also, learn about the basics of supplements, how to choose the best supplements, and which ones are the most beneficial for everyone to be taking. Plus, get holistic lifestyle recommendations on how to reduce toxins in your life, and easy ways to detoxify your body daily.

Raina Cross Holsitic Nutritionalist

Taste to Tummy