Happy Earth Day!!


April 22nd is Earth Day – an official day dedicated cleaning up, and caring for our plant earth!  I love the excitement and enthusiasm this day brings for people around the world!  In my neighbourhood, people from our community gather in the park and spend the day picking up trash, and after, gathering as a community to celebrate.  It is amazing what a small group of individuals can accomplish when they have a common goal for the good!

It is amazing to see the excitement all the kids have for helping out and making a difference!  There is just something about their optimistic outlook in life, and their genuine enthusiasm for doing good in this world.  We could all benefit from observing this and applying it into our own lives!  Kids can often be some of the greatest spiritual teachers in life 😉

While I love Earth Day, I think it is SO important for us to remember the message of Earth Day all year round.  I believe in personally taking care of our earth, as much as I can, on a daily basis.  It is our only home, and supplies us with amazing abundance, supporting and sustaining us every day.  Not to mention the breathtaking beauty nature provides us on a daily basis.  The least we can do in return is be kind to it in return and take responsibility to do our part.

There are those who argue that their individual efforts don’t make a difference, especially when there are large companies that produce massive amounts waste, and harm the environment.  I couldn’t disagree with this more!  If a small group of individuals can make a difference, think what a massive difference people all around the world could make when all committed to the same positive action!!  AND, if everyone cared about taking care of our Earth, these very people would be the same ones working for these companies and they would care about what the company is doing and how it is affecting the earth!

Lets all do our part in making the world a healthier, happier place!

Here is a list of 9 easy ways you can reduce your footprint and make a positive impact:

  1. Use reusable shopping bags.  It seems small, but it really adds up!
  2. Purchase a glass or stainless steel water bottle to reuse over, and over, and stop buying bottled water.  While your at it, if you like to grab a coffee from your local coffee shop, get yourself a cute reusable mug as well 🙂
  3. Purchase local foods that are in season in your region.  Not only is the helping the environment, the food will be more nutritious and supportive to your body, and it will support your local economy!
  4. Plant a garden and grow your own food!  My first spinach plant poked up out of the ground today, and I couldn’t be more excited!!  Last summer I simply let a couple of my spinach plants go to seed, and in the fall and threw some leaves and grass clippings on my garden.  6-7 months later these seeds emerged on their own with no work from me, and in a few weeks my family will be enjoying fresh, organic produce!
  5. Walk or bike instead of driving.  Save money on gas, reduce pollution, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!  We could all benefit from more time outdoors – it will increase your energy and lift your spirit!
  6. Use natural household cleaners and ditch any toxic chemical cleaning supplies in your house by taking them to a recycling facility in your city.  There are so many amazing natural cleaning options, there really is no need for choosing harmful, toxic cleaners.
  7. Buy organic when grocery shopping!  Every time you purchase food, you are making a vote on how your food is grown and raised.  Pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers that are harmful to you, and our environment, are not used on organic food production.  You can help make the world a cleaner place!
  8. Reduce your consumption of unnecessary stuff in your life.  The amount of gadgets, clothing, kids toys, and “stuff” in our life has grown to excessive amounts. Be conscious of what you purchase, and where it is going to end up when you are done with it.  Think about the long term before making a purchase and deciding if you really need the new item.  If you are aren’t going to use it for the next 5 years (or more!), you can probably do without it.
  9. Support companies that are environmentally and socially conscious.  Unfortunately, most companies only care about their bottom dollar.  While money is an important component of a business, their are other areas that should be just as important to a company as well, like their customers!  You have the choice as to which companies you support and purchase from.  One of my favourite companies is Traditional Medicinals, I can always feel good about purchasing their products – not something I can say about very many companies!

I love Earth Day as a reminder to care for our environment.  Lets make every day Earth Day!