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Fall Produce Guide

Fall Produce Guide

Fall produce is the best part of the end of summer!  It is the perfect time to boost your immune system and load it with an abundance of nutrients before winter comes.

Nature makes this task so easy to do with all the amazing produce everywhere you turn!  I really can’t get enough of all the natural goodness all around me.  I often get overwhelmed at this time of year, because there is just so much fresh food around that I simpley can’t keep up.  If you come into my kitchen during August and September, you usually can’t see much of the counter top.  Right now I have zucchini that I am recipe testing with and will be shredding and freezing to make Chocolate Zucchini Bread with through the winter, apples waiting to be made into fresh juice and applesauce, tomatoes, more lettuce than I can eat, cucumbers waiting to be made into relish….the list seems to go on!

I also added a couple projects for myself this summer, and planted a 2,000 plant strawberry patch at my dad’s farm, and got a bee hive!  Every two days I am picking around 20 lbs of strawberries and packaging them up to sell, as well as processing fresh honey!  Bees are so incredibly fascinating, and it is absolutely amazing what they can do!  And the honey – it is the most amazing golden nectar and has SO many amazing health benefits to it!

As you know, I think that eating with the seasons is one of the most important aspects of health.  I know there is so many superfoods highlighted in the media right now, and rightfully so.  But did you know that fresh, local produce is one of THE best superfoods out there?!  It is the best way to increase your physical vitality and emotional wellbeing and zest for life.  There is nothing more nourishing than foods picked at their peak ripeness and grown in your local environment.

If you don’t have your own garden, check out your local farmers market, or do a quick google search for local farmers or u-picks in your area.  It is well worth the extra effort to obtain the highest quality food available.

Here is a list of what’s in season this fall:





















I hope you take advantage of this amazing time of year and try out some fresh, local produce these coming weeks!  It is the best way to strengthen and nourish your body for the winter ahead.