Eating With The Seasons – Spring

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Do you eat with the seasons as a way to stay in peak health?

Eating with the seasons, and what is locally available to you, is one the best ways you can boost your health and vitality!  Seasonal vegetables, especially if they are local, are have a MUCH higher nutrient content, and not to mention, are much more delicious.

Nature always provides us with exactly what we need when we need it.  So to me, it only makes sense to follow the rhythms of nature and eat what is naturally in season.  Our bodies needs are ever changing, and eating seasonally will provide everything you need to stay vibrant and healthy!

My favourite vegetables that are in season this time of year are spinach and asparagus.  Asparagus is definitely one of my favourite vegetables ever and I like to take full advantage during it’s short growing season.  My Quinoa Quiche recipe is super versatile and I change it up all the time.  It is delicious making it with chopped asparagus, fresh chives, and some feta cheese.  It could be a perfect recipe for a nice Mother’s Day Brunch 🙂

Spring time is, also, naturally a time to cleanse and rejuvenate the body after long months of winter hibernation.  It’s a perfect time to shed any extra pounds gained over the winter months.

The foods that are in season in spring, are the perfect foods to help you naturally spring clean your body!

Your diet should be high in fresh, leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, and dandelion leaves.  Our diets should become lighter, with less focus on heavy, grounding foods like meat and root vegetables.  Sprouts, nuts and seeds are also a perfect addition to your spring time diet!

I find by body craving fresh, crisp salads this time of year.  And I love to sip on cleansing teas, such a dandelion or a detox tea.  What better way to show your body a little love 😉

It is also the perfect time to a little spring cleanse and refresh your body.  There are many options for cleanses out there, and it is important to note that not all are created equal.  If not done properly, a cleanse can actually be more harmful to your body than good.  When you stir up toxins in your body, you want to be sure they are being properly eliminated and not just circulating around your body.

If you have never done a cleanse before, it is so important to start off small and not jump right into a heavy cleansing program.