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Chicken Broth


There is nothing like homemade chicken broth made from scratch.  There is also nothing like homemade soup, especially when you use your homemade broth!  Making your own chicken broth is easy once you do it a couple times and get the hang of it.  And once you start, you will never want to by chicken broth from the store again!

Winter is coming to a close, and spring is in the air.  One would think that cold and flu season is behind us, but spring is actually a time when your body is the most susceptible to catching a bug.  We all know chicken soup is good for the soul, and it is also good for your immune system too!  There is good reason why chicken soup is a go-to when someone is sick.

Although the temperature is getting warmer, and the sun stronger, the weather at this time of year seems to flip flop back and forth a lot.  There are still many chilly, damp spring days throughout March and April.  And that means it is still the perfect time to make homemade soups!  Here is a lovely, simple recipe for making your own homemade broth.  It really is very simple to do.  If you have never done it before, and are felling a little unsure, feel free to reach out to me and send me a message and I will help guide you through the process.  Once you have done it a couple times, you will be a pro!


1.  Place all ingredients in a large stockpot.

2.  Over medium heat, bring to a slow boil.

3.  Cover and reduce heat to low so that is remains at a low simmer.  Simmer for 8-12 hours.

4.  Strain the broth through a stainless-steel colander.  Use immediately, or transfer to mason jars for later use.  Broth will stay good in the fridge for up to 4 days, or up to 12 months in the freezer.  If freezing be sure to let jars cool completely before transferring to freezer.

5.  You can reuse the bones to make a second batch of broth. After straining broth, add enough water to just cover the bones and 1 onion and repeat steps 3-5.