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Quinoa Quiche

2017-02-25T16:30:09-06:00By |

Quinoa Quiche A delicious and filling meal that is easy to prepare, and is great leftover to take to work the next day. I love the simplicity of this meal, and the combination of eggs and salsa is absolutely amazing. If you want a little more substance to [...]

Grandma’s Vegetable Chili

2017-02-25T16:29:42-06:00By |

Grandma's Vegetable Chili Another recipe from my amazing Grandmother. This chili is hearty and comforting in a cool fall day. If you garden, you can find all of these amazing vegetables right in your own backyard! It is delicious topped with a little bit of organic cheese and served [...]

Quinoa Chicken Salad

2017-04-08T07:46:03-06:00By |

Quinoa Chicken Salad This dish comes straight from my grandma's kitchen. The first time I tasted it I was hooked. I have to admit, it was probably partly due to all the love she pours into her cooking - everything from her kitchen tasted so darn good! It [...]

Maple Glazed Salmon

2017-12-01T09:39:13-06:00By |

Maple Glazed Salmon Salmon is a great source of Omega-3's which can boost your brain function, improve your heart health, and even improve your sleep! This is my favourite way to eat salmon. It is simple, delicious, and even my kids love it. Directions Combine ingredients, and marinate for [...]